High-Demand Degrees 2015

high-demand degreesWhat’s the point of putting time and energy into earning a degree online only to find out that the degree is relatively useless? Before deciding which degree to pursue, make sure you determine which online degree is most useful for your own situation. Here’s a look at four of the most relevant, high-demand degrees in 2015.

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Surprising Facts: Earn Your Degree Online

earn your degree online

When it comes to your career, does it feel like you’re giving a lot more than you’re receiving? A dead-end job doesn’t just mean less money in the bank. It also means a predictable “fixed” limit on your earning potential. There’s a term for making less than you know you’re worth: underemployed.

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College Education Sways Life Expectancy

Like most people, you probably already understand the correlations between life expectancy and not smoking, eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy BMI, exercising regularly and the like. Guess what? College education may help you live longer to…

Most Marketable Second Languages

We live in an increasingly global society. In rural Afghanistan, sheepherders listen to Western music on used cell phones made in China and sold in the United States that they purchased from the closest village marketplace. In big cities in the West,…

Online Certificate Programs: Four Tips for Success

Recent research shows that professional or vocational online certificate holders sometimes earn more than individuals with an associate degree. Certain online certificate holders are likely to earn even more than people with a bachelor’s degree….