Engineering Degrees

 Engineering Degrees - Degrees for Engineers & Salary Statistics

There’s no single type of engineering degree. Many people who have creative skills and expertise in both mathematics and science may find they are best suited to one of the many paths of a career in Engineering. The main types of engineers are electrical, mechanical, chemical, computer and civil with additional subcategories in each of these.

In each of these, the focus is on designing, building, problem solving, and creating something to improve society or make day-to-day life easier, safer, and more convenient. They must also keep in mind how feasible their designs will be and if they will be worth the cost of creating them. If you have a creative mind and are interested in an engineering career consider one of these divisions.

Electrical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Chemical Engineers

Chemical engineers use chemistry principles to manufacture many different chemical products and equipment for chemical plants. Using chemistry and physics principles, combined with engineering technology, they manufacture such products as cement, rubber, paper, plastic, detergents and gasoline. In the case of manufacturing equipment, they will also perform various tests to make sure the equipment works properly.

Computer Engineers

Computer engineering jobs are quite popular today, and they offer excellent salaries as well. These professionals are valuable to most any business, large or small, but particularly businesses that deal with technology. Computer engineers are somewhat of a mix between computer scientists and electrical engineers. Many modern-day conveniences are the creations of computer engineers:

Civil Engineers

For those people, who like to solve challenging problems and create something better for society, a degree in engineering will be the perfect choice. There are many career options available for people with engineering degrees, and the above are just a few. From computer and electrical engineering to chemical, civil and mechanical engineering, this degree can take you into a wide variety of fields from technical to cinematic and  there is sure to be an option that is perfect for you.