Christina Carey

Christina Carey was born in San Mateo California. Her father was a Mechanical Engineer and his parents were both school teachers.  One of her grandfathers was an Attorney and successful business owner who put himself through Law School before WWII.

Growing up, Christina always wanted to do something with animals  – like be a zookeeper, dog trainer, etc. As she got older, her interest turned toward Archaeology or Art History. She says, “I never thought I wouldn’t go to college.  It was more a matter of where I wanted to go and how I was going to make that happen. I was lucky that my High School made it a priority and really kept me focused. I started working at age 15 and saved every penny I made.”

She realized that the long-term academic life of an art historian or archeologist was not for her, so she decided to get a degree in something practical that would allow her to have more options. She earned a B.A. in Public Relations, and minored in French. After many years of media buying and planning for other people, she decided to start her own business in 2007 – and she has never looked back. Recently, she even added a second business, as a sales representative for a “fantastic line of jewelry” for a company that is based locally.

When asked what she would tell aspiring students, she says, “I tell people that I wish I had taken more business classes. I never imagined I’d own my own business, so learning about accounting, legal issues and all the minutiae of being a business owner would have prepared me a bit more. I also think it gives you the skills to be more successful in life – I am a big believer in a practical education. Philosophy is great, but it won’t teach you how to read a P&L statement. “
Christina says that education gave her the basis to create the life she wanted. “It opens you up to the possibilities.  It allows you to reinvent yourself and expand your opportunities. I enjoy being my own boss, something I would not have had the confidence to do without a solid education and work experience.”

To learn more about Christina and her two businesses, visit her websites: – Digital Media Agency – Women’s jewelry, including fashion necklaces, fashion bracelets, fashion earrings and fashion rings.

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