Fabiola Addamo

Fabiola Addamo is a social entrepreneur and creative business consultant.

It’s rare to meet anyone with so much drive, passion, creativity, and clarity of purpose. A native of Italy, Fabiola studied classical piano performance and obtained a degree from the Conservatory of Music Vincenzo Bellini. She says, “My dad is my role model; he worked hard all of his life to ensure a wonderful future for our family. He was a model of honesty, integrity and persistence.” Avidly curious, Fabiola thought she might have a calling in law, so, not skipping a beat, she enrolled in law school. Though a very worthy area of study, she found that it didn’t feed and fire her imagination and creativity. So she picked up and moved to the US in 2001, where she attended San Francisco State University, earning B.A. Degrees in Italian and Literature (and being the first member of her family to attend college).

This wasn’t an easy time. “I had many ups and down. My dad died in 2003 when I was finishing my A.A. degree in the US. His loss hit me really hard.” She stayed the course, though, and knew that she had dreams to fulfill. After graduating from college, she landed a high-tech job in Silicon Valley. Since 2007, she’s worked at Yahoo, executing various roles in the mobile space for Search and Customer Advocacy.

It was during this time that the Muses once again went to work on Fabiola. In 2010, she had a dream – inspired by her dad – that pointed her to art. So she started sketching. Two years later, Fabiola had her first art exhibit, and now her paintings have gained an audience in Arizona and New York. As if this weren’t already a complete biography, Fabiola has also involved herself passionately in global women’s issues.

She volunteers for the United Nations Association of San Francisco. She runs a Facebook group “The Voice of Global Modern Women” to discuss how to empower women around the world using technology. She uses visual art to communicate powerful messages for social change and enjoys discovering talents in other women and inspiring them. She loves languages and cooking homemade meals. She recently developed a new online mentorship concept for women around the world, combining art, design, and technology. Summing up her adventurous path so far, she says, “I just believe in the power of my dreams, I would say I am a dreamer with actionable steps to achieve results.”

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Take a look inside Fabiola’s artistic mind and passion.
Fabiola Addamo
Calvin Charles Gallery
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