Naomi Aguero

Naomi Aguero was born in Southern California. Her father has a Masters Degree in Psychology, and her mother earned an A.A. Degree at nearby East Los Angeles College. Naomi giggles and says, “I actually wanted to be a judge growing up.” She may find a bit of humor in that, but from her track record, it appears as though she could have been a judge … or whatever else she set her mind to.

She speaks very highly of college, but it wasn’t easy: “I promised my parents that I would graduate from college, even though I paid for it! In the beginning it was because I didn’t want to disappoint them, but as the years went by, my reasons for sticking with it changed. What I learned in college I would not have learned ANYWHERE else.”

Before earning her Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management, Naomi got her feet wet in the corporate world, working at various “people oriented” jobs, such as Executive Assistant and Leasing Agent, both of which required excellent communications skills, diplomacy, and lots of multi-tasking. One of her former colleagues says of her: “Naomi is an exceptionally talented and business savvy young lady who knows how to build and maintain strong client relationships. She sets her targets high and meets every challenge put before her. She would be a great addition and eventual leader of any sales team.” And this was BEFORE she got her Bachelors Degree!

When asked what advice she would give aspiring students, she smiles and says “Take out as few student loans as possible!” We were afraid to ask her if she already paid off her loans, but nevertheless, she achieved her goal, and only two short years after earning her degree at Pepperdine University, she has risen in the ranks of marketing, advertising and digital media and now maintains the title of Senior Affiliate Manager.

She concludes with some steady advice for anyone who might be nervous about embarking upon a new career or field of study: “Try to look at the big picture. Things may not seem like they work out fast enough, but when you look back, you’ll realize how much you achieved – and you’ll be glad you did it!”

Now working at Ad Agency, Adsimilis, headquartered in the Netherlands, you can find Naomi in her Orange County, California office, helping globalwide clients reach their audiences through email, mobile, search and social media. If you want to know more about Naomi’s journey, she can be reached by email at

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